Terraces Marasi Drive

April 2023

We’re keen to keep you up to date with the progress on site, sharing our construction updates and highlighting what we are doing to ensure that we deliver on our promise of quality.

The building is now on the eighth floor of construction - meaning the lobby, all podium levels and several residential floors have been been constructed. According to our plans, that means we are slightly ahead of schedule! Show Unit No. 202 is being fitted out now - this unit will be ready in mid May of this year, allowing our homeowners to come see first hand the level of quality, attention to detail and materials that every resident at Terraces Marasi Drive will enjoy.

Speaking of quality and materials, the next section of this newsletter highlights a few of the materials and suppliers that we’ve chosen for your new home!

Most homebuyers are keen to learn about the types of flooring or appliances that their developer intends to install. While Keymavens has chosen full kitchen systems (even the sink!) from Swiss provider Franke, and Philips UK for the smart home integrated front residence video door locks, there are other areas that most buyers might not know about which also play a major role in luxury.

If you visit a luxury hotel, car dealership or even a major airport, you might notice the impressive and expansive windows and solid-looking aluminum frames that these locations have in common. These are what’s known as the facade system or aluminum system and these systems make up a sizable cost item in construction. Like everything in construction, there are low cost providers and high-end providers and the cost of a high-end system from the top provider can be over 700% more expensive than the cheaper options. Terraces Marasi Drive will have the top-of-the- line German system “Schuco FWS-50” - meaning you will enjoy the highest level of sound insulation and environmental control with over 40 decibel noise isolation! We could have reduced construction cost by millions by using a cheaper system, but Keymavens will never compromise on your satisfaction.
In our next issue - ‘Furnishing Your Home’ we’ve teamed up with an ultra high-end global furnishing powerhouse (and celebrity home fitout secret!) for customized solutions for Terraces Marasi Drive!
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Above: The Philips Alpha-VP-5HWS video door locking system greets you at your Terraces Marasi Drive home. Left: The Schuco facade window system
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